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We excel in navigating complex challenges through process and technology expertise.

Medical Billing

Most affordable pricing, Managed Billing Services and a highly efficient team.

Credentialing Services

Recognizing the value of an external perspective for every practice.

Revenue Cycle Mangement

Avoid the risk of turning Accounts Receivable into Bad Debt—address lingering numbers effectively.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services Relieve the stress of credentialing when time is limited.

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Showcasing Our Expertise and Collaborative Efforts

Elevating our proficiency and fostering collaborative endeavors are at the heart of our ethos. We pride ourselves on a deep understanding of the intricacies of medical billing, coupled with a commitment to working closely with our clients. Through open communication and mutual respect, we ensure that our services are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each provider. Our team leverages years of experience and industry insights to deliver innovative solutions that drive efficiency and optimize revenue streams.

By forging strong partnerships with healthcare professionals, we strive to create a seamless billing process that enhances financial outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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The Premier Medical Billing Company Integrating Technology & Expertise to Align with Providers' Vision

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Based on a 4.8-star rating from 350+ providers across the states.
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Based on a 4.8-star rating from 350+ providers across the states.
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Dedicated Account Managers and Skilled Medical Billers for Healthcare Facilities

At Konnext Solutions, we excel in resolving intricate challenges through a blend of process expertise and cutting-edge technology.

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Specialty Medical Billing

Our customized medical billing solutions enhance reimbursements by employing specialty-focused billing teams proficient in ICD-10 coding regulations and protocols specific to your medical specialization. Additionally, we tailor your EHR system to align with the workflows characteristic of your specialty.

Accessible Nationwide

As a leading medical billing services provider in the United States, KONNEXT SOLUTIONS supports the financial success of healthcare providers across the country. With our American workforce, we possess extensive payer knowledge to optimize claims reimbursement in all 45 states.


Cost-Effective Rates

Achieve significant savings compared to in-house billing with our competitive 2.49% collections rate, pay-for-paid model, complimentary EMR software, scalability options, and free denied claims appeals. Entrust your billing to us for optimization while enjoying additional benefits such as:

In-House Billing Costs
*calculations based on a medium-scale practice with $100,000 collections
Annual Salary$30,000
Full Service Medical Billing Costs
*calculations based on a medium-scale practice with $100,000 collections
Billing Service Rates as low as 2.49% of the collections
Annual Savings

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Unlike some billing companies that charge upon claim submission, KONNEXT SOLUTIONS adopts a policy of billing only for claims that are successfully paid. We are highly content with the quality of billing services rendered thus far.

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Shalan Cope

My name is Shalan and I am a new provider, schools need to really teach more about the business side of being a provider, such as credentialing. I have to say my personal business endeavor has been nothing close to easy since the start; however Uzair Farrukh and Konnext Solutions Credentialing has been a lifesaver. Not only are the prices the best you can find, but having the continuity in dealing with just one person has made me feel safe and secure, and also provided a really amazing work relationship. I absolutely do feel safe with Uzair and Konnext. I would not only recommend them, but I would definitely recommend them to my family and people I love; this is how much trust and appreciation I have for Uzair Farrukh and Konnext Solutions Credentialing. Kudos to you and an outstanding job.

Trust Your Billing To The Company

The Only Medical Billing Company Uniting Tech & Expertise to Meet Provider’s Vision

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Based on a 4.8-star rating from 350+ providers across the states.
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See What Healthcare Providers Say About Us

Konnext solutions is a credible credentialing company. They're efficient, dependable and reliable. If you want your credentialing done by professionals, konnext is the solution.
Lilian Leanyuy
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Credentialling can be challenging. Uzair always takes the time to explain reasons for delay. He returns calls promptly and follows up with any question or concern.
Tawakalitu Raji
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Hassan and Sheryar helped me and they have stayed in touch. They send me emails with updates regularly. Looking forward to continue doing business with them.
Dana Pagan
Great services provided, I believe I will work with you all again
Marilyn dzati
Nurse Practitioner
Top notch services great communication and professional support. Would highly recommend to any medical provider or company.
Alah Abdelhadi
Physical Therapy Assistant
I am satisfied with their service so far. I will continue to work with Konnext Solutions for my medical insurance credentialing needs.
Linda Lin
Great company to work with. The staff are so friendly and ready to help all the time. I like working with Konnext Solutions.
Canali Ndalle
Occupational Therapy Assistant

Solving complex problems through process & technology is our core expertise.

Our Pride

Proud Partners

We are honored to collaborate with esteemed partners who share our commitment to excellence. Together, we strive to achieve mutual success and enhance the quality of healthcare services provided. Our partnerships are built on trust, transparency, and a shared vision for innovation in the healthcare industry.

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A Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no concealed fees associated with our plans. You’ll only be charged based on the package you select, and there are no additional SETUP or STARTUP fees. Simply sign up and begin using our services. Konnext Solutions will invoice you monthly for the chosen packages, and nothing more.

No, all packages come with identical service levels. We offer comprehensive medical billing solutions regardless of the payment plans you opt for.

Our team will regularly update you with progress reports for your practice on a weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, you’ll receive daily notifications to stay informed.

The transition period can be as short as 5 business days, depending on the software and clearing house you select to work with.

We handle billing for nearly every insurance available in the market. For insurances accepting paper claims, we utilize the CMS-1500 (HCFA-1500) form, while for those accepting electronic claims, we follow the EDI standard ANSI X12-5010.

Yes, we possess extensive experience in nearly every medical specialty.

Certainly, our team manages all patient statements on your behalf.

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