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Nearly 25 percent of all medical practice income is lost due to inaccurate billing and coding or inadequate follow up processes for unpaid claims. At Konnext Solutions, we have made it our responsibility to develop transparent solutions for our clients resulting in increased cash flow and office efficiency.

Every Dollar

Too often claims are submitted without careful auditing causing them to be denied, processed incorrectly, or simply overlooked. At Konnext Solutions, we ensure every scheduled encounter is billed, and every claim scrubbed for accuracy prior to submission to eliminate these errors.

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Bottom Line

Many practices face lost revenue due to a poorly managed accounts receivable. When Konnext Solutions oversees your receivable, every single claim is pursued and appealed if necessary, until it’s paid.

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At Konnext Solutions, we keep you updated on industry changes and we give you real time access to your data and results all day, every day. You will always know your bottom line and the health of your practice.

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Save up to 18K annually!

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